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Anthony Troianni

Sabbat Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 0/3 (current/overall)

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Sabbat

Generation: 12

Blood: 10 oooooooooo

Morality Path: Humanity

Morality Traits: 1 o

Self-Control/Instinct: 2 oo

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Status: Dead

Assigned Narrator: Simon

Starting Date: July 15, 2000

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Bravo

Title: Ductus

Willpower: 2 oo

Conscience/Conviction: 1 o

Courage: 2 oo

10 Physical Traits:


Brawny x 2

Brutal x 2


Rugged x 2

Tough x 2

0 Negative Physical Traits


3 Social Traits:




2 Negative Social Traits:



5 Mental Traits:


Determined x 2

Vigilant x 2

3 Negative Mental Traits:




11 Abilities:

Brawl x 3

Firearms x 3 (Sub Machine Guns)






9 Backgrounds:


Influence x 5

Resources x 2

Health Levels:

Healthy x2

Bruised x3

Wounded x2



5 Influences:

Street x 2

Underworld x 3

2 Status:



Valiant (Post-Mortem by Bishop Strathmore)

Blood Bonds/Vinculum:


Maverick Summers






Vengance (Mafia & Giovanni)

Prey Exclusion (Children)


Beast/Path Traits:





Celerity : Alacrity, Swiftness

Potence : Prowess, Might


Background Info: As long as he could remember, Anthony always wanted to be a mobster. Growing up in "Little Italy" he saw plenty of examples to emulate. Of course, with no one to teach him how proper Mafioso act, he got it wrong. Basically he turned into a street thug, albeit a street thug that dressed and acted like a mafia hit man. When he was 18 he got up the nerve to ask one of the people who he suspected to be in the mafia how he could become a part also. He was laughted at and told "Yous don't "join" "The Family" yous is invited in. Besides ya need to follow orders well." This drove him crazy and he decided if they don't want him he'd start up his own "family". By 20 he'd been in jail four times on minor larceny and assault charges. By 22 he had been warned by some real hit men to watch himself on their turf, he was disrupting "business". Of course this just set him off more than ever! He started clubbing and drowning himself in booze and music (but with no regular work it was more of a binging thing). Durring one of his bigger drinking binges he was approached by a large biker and asked if he wanted to join a group with enough resources to take revenge on the mafia who wouldn't accept him. He agreed imediately and a meeting was arranged at an abandoned warehouse at 1 AM. The time of the meeting seemed a bit strange but his desire for revenge clouded his thinking. So he showed up promptly at 1 AM (the first time he was on time for anything in his life!). Within 3 seconds he was grabbed from behind and brought to the biker that he met at the nightclub. It was explained that they were vampires, they had mentioned Brujah and Kindred at the nightclub but he didn't understand at the time. The leader then Embraced him. After going through the bizarre induction into the Sabbat he started learning about his newfound inheritance of power and his other abilities. He would have his revenge soon!! Five years later he has found and Embraced another like minded soul, one Maverick Summers, who has great emnity for the Giovanni whom he crossed 3 years ago. They sent a wraith to haunt him and it was not until recently, through his embrace, that he had the strength and ability to understand and eliminate this pest. He did gain an eerie and chill curse from the encounter, but all the better to deal with the human mafia!!. The Mafia and the Giovanni will feel our vengance very soon!!