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Camarillan Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 3/3 (current/overall)

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: 10

Blood: 13 ooooooooooooo

Morality Path: Humanity

Morality Traits: 2 oo

Self-Control/Instinct: 4 oooo

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Status: Active

Assigned Narrator:

Starting Date: October 11, 2008

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Bravo


Willpower: 4 oooo

Conscience/Conviction: 2 oo

Courage: 4 oooo

10 Physical Traits:

Brawny x 3


Dexterous x2


Rugged x 2


1 Negative Physical Traits


4 Social Traits:

Intimidating x3


1 Negative Social Traits:


7 Mental Traits:

Alert x2

Disciplined x3

Observant x2

3 Negative Mental Traits:




6 Abilities:






Streetwise (1 from Clan

5 Backgrounds:

Generation x3

Resources x 2

Health Levels:

Healthy x2

Bruised x3

Wounded x2



2 Influences:

Street x 2 (1 from Clan)

1 Status:


Blood Bonds/Vinculum:





Huge Size


Bad Sight

Brujah: Obvious Predator



Short Fuse (Clan Disadvantage)

Beast/Path Traits:





Celerity : Alacrity, Swiftness

Potence : Prowess, Might

Presence : Awe


Background Info: Power is where it's at in Kindred society and strength is the most satisfying form of it! I know this makes me a walking stereotype for my Clan but hey it's why they chose me for the embrace after all... As long as I can remember I have always been bigger and stronger than my peers. All through out school I excelled at anything physical. Now I'm not saying I abused my physical advantages since that would be the kind of thing that someone with a small mind and/or weak will would do.. Bullying is definitely a form of compensation for some inadequacy in one's life and I certainly wasn't lacking and any department.. well except socially.. you try developing social skills when everyone either treats you as a monster or a personal threat. The ones that feared me were the ones that I was, in an unintentional way, protecting.. the ones that saw me as a threat should have feared me. I took every opportunity to put every bully in his place. It's amazing how someone could rationalize being superior to others just by abusing those weaker than him. Clearly they didn't have it in them to take on a real challenge, since when I provided them with one they tended to piss themselves and run away from the fight. I was expelled from every high school I attended, against great protest from the kids that realized that without me the bullies would return. Well not the original bullies that I got expelled over as they were in the hospital. Team sports never went well either.. I tried wrestling and football and neither provided a challenge.. no one in my class could take me on by themselves, and even the whole defensive line couldn't stop me, or get by me if I was playing defense. For a few years after getting kicked out of my 4th high school I found the challenge I needed in illegal back room fight clubs. At 14 I was taking on 30 year old bare knuckle bruisers and some times won, some times lost.. but by the time I was 18 I was again bigger than everyone and no one provided a challenge. Until the night that changed my life forever... I was watching the fights that night from the sidelines since no one would challenge me, when this 5'9 250lb guy comes in, looks around and when he saw me he pointed and yelled I WANT HIM! at the top of his lungs... everyone stopped and looked back and forth between the two of us and some snickered while others asked if he knew what he was doing. Now while someone with his stats would normally be impressive as a brawler, let me put some perspective on this.. I stand 7'5 tall and weigh somewhere well over 400lbs.. I haven't found a scale that could hold me since the best one I could find blew out.. and it went to 380lbs. So this buff little Italian thug repeats his challenge and the fight starts.. It turned out to be a quick and embarrassing fight.. for me! He was a blur of motion and he was somehow clearly way stronger than I was while being only half my size!. He totally dominated me through the entire fight! I was beside myself in awe of his speed and strength. When I asked him about it he said that he had been watching my fights for the past year and while I had great potential I relied on brute force way too much. He offered to teach me to fight better and said I had a lot to learn but I had to do everything his way without question. I agreed, being way to curious about how he bested me so easily. We spent a few weeks while he taught me the basics of brawling over from scratch, his way.. this included simple techniques on punching, kicking, dodging or deflecting blows and being aware of my surroundings to keep from being surprised. One night during my lessons he pinned me and bit my neck... the next thing I knew I woke up in my own bed with him standing over me. I had this awful empty feeling and a nagging dark hunger at the back of my consciousness.. He handed me a bottle of what looked like red wine, saying it would take the edge off. I downed the whole bottle before the very not wine taste of blood hit me.. nothing is quite as disturbing as realizing you just drank a bottle of blood.. the coppery taste not hitting until I swallowed it all. At first I thought i'd be sick.. then all I wanted to do flatten the asshole for making me drink blood. As this was going through my head the hunger had backed off some so I asked him what the fuck was going on?. He then explained that he was a vampire and that he had made me into one also.. the dark hunger I felt.. well that was my beast and I needed to do everything in my power to hold it in check for the rest of my time as a Kindred. He explained that I had learned all he could teach me while I remained weaker and slower than he was and that the blood of Clan Brujah that I now possessed would allow me to become infinitely stronger and faster than before. Intrigued I asked him to explain more. Over the past 6 months he introduced me to my new abilities, I became faster and stronger than I could have thought possible.. I also seem to be able to invoke Awe in others.. something he didn't think I'd learn seeing as I wasn't that social a person. When he explained how we heal and that I couldn't be marked permanently by branding or tattooing I asked why my vision and the disfiguring scar down the right side of my face hadn't healed.. He said that since I had these prior to my embrace something caused them not to heal during my change.. he said because of this they'd be permanent. He told me that I need to be careful and put an effort into controlling my temper since a side effect of becoming a Brujah was that the anger manifested in our Clan's blood that allowed us to be stronger and faster also gave us a nasty temper problem. A couple weeks ago he sent me to find the next Elysium and present myself to the prince as was needed in the Camarilla. He quickly went over the Camarilla and the other Clans and sent me on my way.. Over the past week I've started getting the feeling that something is following me.. I tend to trip and stumble a lot for no reason.. but hey I'm still learning what being a Kindred is so who knows what odd things may be going on with my body.