Under The Rock

Bruno Troianni

Independent Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 6/50 (current/overall)

Clan: Giovanni

Sect: Independent

Generation: 11

Blood: 12 oooooooooooo

Morality Path: Humanity

Morality Traits: 2 oo

Self Control: 4 oooo


Status: Active

Assigned Narrator:

Starting Date: August 31,2007

Nature: Capitalist

Demeanor: Survivor


Willpower: 4 oooo

Conscious: 2 oo

Courage: 4 oooo

9 Physical Traits:


Brawny x 2




Rugged x2


1 Negative Physical Traits:

11 Social Traits:








Intimidating x2

Persuasive x2


Negative Social Traits:

11 Mental Traits:








Knowledgeable x2



Negative Mental Traits:

23 Abilities:










Linguistics (English)

Lore : Wraith x 3

Medicine x4

Occult x 3


Psychology x2


3 Influences:

    Health x3
  1. Jacob Solomon, Head of Internship Program [friend]
  2. Sarah Abraham, Head of Forensic Medicine [bm]
  3. Samuel Brumberger, Head of Security [bm]

9 Backgrounds:

Age x2

Alternate Identity (Antonio Troianni)

Generation x2

Resources x2

Retainers x2 (Wraith{Tony} from clan, 1 Ghoul)

Blood Bonds/Vinculum:



Jason Mercanti, Forensics/Pre-Med Intern


Lucio Giovanni


Health Levels:

Healthy x2

Bruised x3

Wounded x2






Calm Heart (3)

Friendly Face (1)


Grip of the Damned (0) (Giovanni Weakness)

Prey Exclusion [children] (1)

Special Responsibility [Reverse Inbreeding in Clan] (1)

Bad Sight (1pt)



Beast/Path Traits:


Necromancy: Call of the Hungry Dead [b], Spirit Beacon [b], Ritual of the Unearthed Fetter [i]


Dominate : Command, Mesmerism, Forgetful Mind

Necromancy: Sepulchre Path: Insight, Summon Soul, Compel Soul

Potence : Prowess


     Born to Dominic Troianni and Gabriella Bellanti in Rapallo, Italy in 1807 Bruno was a happy intelligent child. Growing up on a small farm with his Parents and his sister Maria he was a very energetic and curious child. He was decent at soccer, which Dominic taught him, but his real skill lay in academics. He enjoyed learning and devoured what ever the teachers could show him. He was quite disappointed on reaching University age that his simple loving family could not afford to send him there. So he traveled for 6 years doing odd jobs for other farmers and shops around the area saving for University and slowly making his way towards Turin where he heard they had an excellent medical studies program. By some stroke of luck, by the time he reached Turin, he had saved enough to attend the school. He started on a double Major of Forensic Medicine and Archeology and managed to earn a scholarship that afforded him his 4th and 5th years of studies. He graduated from Uni at the age of 30 and due to his vast knowledge in his chosen areas of study was given a grant to work on a dig at Pompeii. While working at the dig his expertise and level of knowledge he attracted much attention from the academic world. He was eventually assigned to a group under the control of a Lucio Giovanni. He found Lucio to be very unusual as he slept all day and would wake to hear their reports after sunset each day. Lucio explained this away by saying he had been studying in Japan for the past few years and it would take some time to adjust to the time change. Of course this never seemed to happen, but he made sure everyone had all they needed for the search of an amulet rumored to have been buried in the basilica at Pompeii. He had promised a great reward to the person who found the amulet and a few years into the dig Bruno found it under a tile near the altar. That night, after praising Bruno for his excellent job, Lucio made him a very strange offer as his reward. He told Bruno that he could grant him all the time he wanted to study medicine, even more that a normal lifetime. Bruno thought this was insane but the idea of being able to continue his studies for as long as he wished appealed greatly to him. He accepted and Lucio explained that he was a Vampire and would grant him immortality. Finally understanding, Bruno's craving for learning over rode his rational side and he accepted. It was the most excruciating thing he'd ever experienced! The pain when Lucio bit him was beyond measure and didn't stop until he felt the last of his life flow out of him. He awoke the next night to his surprise ravenous, but not for food, he needed blood!. Lucio explained that unlike other Vampires, the bite of a Giovanni brings pain not pleasure, and advised he knock out his victim first. He also emphasized not drinking too much from any one source as that would kill the human. Bruno's medical abilities helped much in determining how much to drink from any one person and he fed until full. He then began learning from Lucio about the powers his blood offered him, Mind Control, Supernatural strength and power over the spirit world. He was much more curious of the Mind Control and Sprit Manipulation than increasing his physical abilities and so Lucio taught him the powers of Domination and Necromancy. For near 150 years following his embrace, Bruno traveled Europe studying (at night of course) all he could about medicine. He received no less than 5 more doctorates in this time in the fields of General Surgery, Psychology, Biology, Neurology and Genetics. It was after he earned the doctorate in Genetics that the Giovanni contacted him again. They requested he take on a task to help the whole clan. It seems that the clan had a predilection for embracing only other Giovanni and the family as a whole tended to inbreeding a bit much... They were facing recent generations of Giovanni births with genetic deformities and asked that Bruno travel to America to study at the hospitals there and try and find a solution to the inbreeding problems. They helped him by working up a false identity, providing him with a passport and travel papers to get to the US. He agreed and settled down after finding a job in the morgue at a Hospital in Northern Rockland County, NY where he worked with the police investigators of the area by performing autopsies. Bruno is known to the humans in the US as Antonio Troianni and has had some of his Doctorates altered to look like he acquired them just before he came to the US. He is currently a permanent citizen and is looked to for teaching interns how to do Autopsies. Over the past few years he's used his natural friendliness and his gained powers over the minds of others to make "Ins" at various levels within the hospital. He's become "friends" with Jacob Solomon, Head of the Internship program without much persuasion. He's also gained some pull with Sarah Abraham, Head of Forensic Medicine, through blackmail... (A commanded sex scene with her boss covered up with forgetful mind) although all she remembers is some reason to "be careful" with dealings concerning "Antonio". Recently he's found using his wraith as a spy on the building came in handy when he was informed that Samuel Brumberger, Head of security was having an affair with Jason Walsh's wife, Head of the board of directors for the hospital, and that keeping this a secret was more important than what "Antonio" does at night with the records and makes sure the morgue cameras are conveniently off when needed. While teaching a recent intern, by the name of Jason Mercanti, he saw his old passion for learning and started feeding his blood to Jason. He removed all memory of these sessions from Jason's mind of course. He requested, with Jason's ok (not that Jason had any other ideas) to have him intern permanently under his teaching, which while the medical board found this a bit odd they approved as Bruno/Anthony was a trusted member of the hospital. Since his influence reaches fairly high at the hospital so this odd request was granted when Jason whole heartedly, although he questioned his jump from wanting to be a surgeon to a forensic doctor a bit, agreed. Bruno also has befriended one of the directors of the genetic research department at a local medical college and is continuing his research into the Giovanni in-breeding problems there. He's recently learned that he's drawn the attention of the other Vampires in the area and has been told by the local Giovanni that he should meet the Baron and make his presence a bit more know to the Anarch community.

Haven Description:

     Lives in Hospital Morgue.

Other Info :

     Path: While Bruno is 200 years old he still holds on to what little humanity he has.

     Resources: 2 From Job at hospital as Forensics Investigator/Expert Autopsy-ist

     Alternate Identity: Antonio Troianni - Clean record, SSN/Birth Certificate {7/7/1973}, PHD in Forensic Medicine, Biology and Psychology.

     Retainers: 1 Ghouls, 1 Wraith