Craig Diesel

Camarilla Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 4/12(current/overall)

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: 11

Blood: 12 oooooooooooo

Morality Path: Humanity

Morality Traits: 2 oo

Self-Control/Instinct: 3 ooo

Status: Retired

Assigned Narrator: Ryan

Starting Date: November 11, 2000

Nature: Soldier

Demeanor: Competitor


Willpower: 4 oooo

Conscience/Conviction: 2 oo

Courage: 5 ooooo

11 Physical Traits:

Brawny x 5

Brutal x 3

Rugged x 3

0 Negative Physical Traits:


8 Social Traits:

Commanding x 2

Expressive x 2

Intimidating x 4


2 Negative Social Traits:



9 Mental Traits:


Dedicated x 2

Determined x 2

Disciplined x 3


3 Negative Mental Traits:




8 Abilities:



Brawl x 3 (wrestling)


Kindred Lore

Kindred Law


0 Influences:

5 Backgrounds:


Generation x 2

Resources x 2

Blood Bonds:


Health Levels:

Healthy x3

Bruised x3

Wounded x2



Status: 1

Acknowledged (By Adrian Beauvieux)


Beast/Path Traits:




Huge Size


Bad Sight (1pt)

Prey Exclusion (animals)


Short Fuse


Crimson Rage

Manic - Depressive



Auspex : Heightened Senses, Aura Perception

Dementation : Passion, The Haunting

Obfuscate : Cloak of Shadows, Unseen Presence

Background Info: Craig was always into professional wrestling since he was 10. He watched all the shows on television almost religiously. When he was in high school he organized a small group to perform and tape a "Backyard Wrestling Federation". When he turned 18 he convinced his parents to let him go to the famous powerhouse training school. He was almost a prodigy at the school and quickly learned all the moves and techniques. In two years he had learned all he needed to perform in a real federation. They felt him proficient enough that they started him in the ECW, which is almost unheard of (they normally go through a few non-mainstream federations first). He quickly made a name for himself there, and they started letting him progress through the ranks gaining more and more status in the federation. When his idols, Taz and Bubba Ray Dudley were swapped to WWF he asked to be moved there also. They were a little reluctant to let him go since his level of violence fit ECW more than one of the 'main stream' federations. When he started in WWF he was quickly relegated to the Hardcore matches that they were developing to compete with ECW… he quickly became moody due to the slow progress he was making. His idols were becoming more popular due to their matches taking place during more normal segments of the shows. This moodiness eventually progressed into a full on case of manic-depression. During his first match outside of the Hardcore matches his opponent started changing the way the match was set to go and he went into a blinding rage and almost killed him before the refs and security pulled him off. This ended his career in professional wrestling since he was found to be mentally unstable. During his treatment in a mental facility he was suddenly transferred to a new doctor who started teaching him that insanity is feared only because it makes one unpredictable. He is then given a choice to join a group that accepts and encourages insanity and could let him live a very long life… having no other choice except living in a white padded room for the rest of his life he agrees and is embraced by the doctor. That was 10 years ago in Rhode Island. Now that he has learned the rules of the Kindred and some of the abilities inherent in his new blood he was allowed to travel on his own and has found his way to Westchester on his Sire's recommendation to find a fairly prominent Malkavian by the name of Dr. Rorschach.