Dominic Cerone

Sabbat Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 2/20(current/overall)

Clan: Ventrue Antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Generation: 11

Blood: 11 ooooooooooo

Morality Path: Path Of Cathari

Morality Traits: 1 o

Instinct: 3 ooo

Status: Deceased

Assigned Narrator: Jesse

Starting Date: June 16, 2001

Nature: Capitalist

Demeanor: Judge

Title: Pack Priest

Willpower: 4 oooo

Conviction: 2 oo

Courage: 3 ooo

7 Physical Traits:



Enduring x 2




1 Negative Physical Traits:


10 Social Traits:


Commanding x 2

Dignified x 2

Manipulative x 2

Persuasive x 2



1 Negative Social Traits:


7 Mental Traits:



Focused x 2




1 Negative Mental Traits:


15 Abilities:

Dodge x 2



Investigation x 3

Kindred Lore x 3 (Tremere)

Leadership x 2

Occult x 2

Rituals x 2

Subterfuge x 2


Blood Bonds/Vinculum:

Colin ( , Nosferatu)

Jackson x 2 ( , Gangrel)

Jason Blackwell ( , Salubri)

Jean Luc Strathmore x 2 (Bishop , Lasombra)

John Chriton x 2 (Paladin , Tzimisce)

Leon x 2 ( ,? )

Mark Sojourn (Ductus, ?)

Martel ( , ?)

Mistress Cleo x 2 (Priest , ? -WARNING RITUAL FREAK)

Nick Samuels ( , ?)

Nunzio x 2(Priest , Ventrue)

Owen Dalton x3 (BH Lt., Gangrel)

Raziel x3 (Ductus, Brujah)

Reginald Vanderbuilt x 2( , Nosferatu)

Seth ( , ?)

Steven ( , ?)

Tari x2 ( , ?)

Tony Terceli x 2 (Bishop , Lasombra)

Wendel x 2 (Paladin , Pander)

Xaviar x 2 (Templar , Tzimisce)


0 Influences:

8 Backgrounds:

Contacts x 3 (Music Industry)

Generation x 2

Herd x 2

Resources x 3


Health Levels:

Healthy x3

Bruised x3

Wounded x2



Status: 2





Beast/Path Traits:


Ventrue (May only feed from Italians)

Infertile Vitæ

Vengeance (Tremere that killed his family)







The Blood Feast

Creation Rites

Fire Dance


The Vauldrie

The War Party


Dominate : Command, Mesmerism

Fortitude : Endurance, Mettle, Resilience


Dominic grew up in "Little Italy" in the Manhattan. He let a fairly average life for a typical Italian boy. Very little affected him as he grew up. Shootings were a fairly normal thing and you just don't talk about them in that area. Once, and only once, did Dom know real terror. On a trip to Long Beach Island with his buddies he tried surfing and wiped out... The surfboard nailed him in the back of the head and knocked him out… he nearly drowned and since has been highly hydrophobic. Outside of that incident he was a real tough kid. He never took advantage of this though… always defending the smaller kids from the real bullies… He quickly became the hero of his high school. When he graduated he took a few classed on business management and finance. He decided to drop out and represent the local metal bands by forming a record label. At nineteen Dominic was the youngest person to start one. Metal Xtacy Records was born. He immediately signed a few of his friends' bands, As They Die and Anubis Cometh. Two years later he signed another up and coming band by the name of Death Rune. All three bands did fairly well and everyone involved made a decent living. Soon after that Dominic got engaged to an old high school flame, Elizabeth Di Rossio. Three years later finds Dominic and Elizabeth happily married with a modest home and two children, Kevin and Ana. Five years later the happy family was struck with tragedy when Dom crossed the wrong CEO and had a hit called on him. The group of 4 men broke into his home at 4am and tied him up and made him watch as they cut his wife and children's throats and then beat him until the thought he was dead. He watched from feigned unconsciousness as the men, who turned out to be vampires, drank whatever blood they could from his family. By some stroke of luck they overlooked him in their gorging and the leader dropped a pendant on his way out of the house. His cousin Jake, who came to check on him when he didn't show at work, found Dom like this the next day. The police asked a few questions about the killers but Dominic saw nothing of their faces and they were wearing black trench coats and boots. After they left Dominic told Jake about the pendant and said he needed to have Jake run the business for a while as he recovered from the murders. Jake agreed and Dominic started his search for the killers. During his search he drew the attention of a antique dealer by the name of Jason Torelli. Jason helped Dom for a while giving him new leads. Six months into the search Jason asked Dominic why he was so obsessed with his search. Dominic felt he could trust him, although he didn't know why… After explaining the incident he showed Jason the pendant, which Jason identified immediately as belonging to the vampire clan Tremere. Dom asked how he knew this and Jason explained that he was a vampire of clan Ventrue who had sided against the camarilla and the Tremere. He then offered Dominic the chance to search and fight the killers on their own terms by sacrificing his mortal life and becoming a vampire. Dominic agreed immediately and Jason embraced him that night. In the year since then Dominic has learned a lot from Jason, who taught that the best way to fight an enemy is to understand his strengths and use them as weapons to aid you. Lately Dom has witnessed the ability that is called Thaumaturgy and is questing to find a teacher to learn it since Thaum is an ability the Tremere rely upon. So now Jake runs the day-to-day business at Metal Xtacy and Dom spends his nights searching for his family's murderers.

Haven Description: