This page is all about my hobbies. Hope you enjoy.

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My roleplaying has covered in the past Advanced Dungeons and Dragons from 2nd edition through 3.0. I was most into the Forgotten Realms world since it was insanely detailed even to the entirety of it's main city which was about half the size of NYC!
Since then i have turned to a much more modern and interesting Genre.. White Wolf's World of Darkness. Mainly playing Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse (there weren't any local games for Changeling, Mage and Wraith)
I have played both the table top versions of these games and the LARP (Live Action Role Play) versions. I currently am participating in the OWBN Kings of New York Sabbat LARP as well as Rage Across Westchester (a werewolf larp running the apocalypse storyline [the end comes 7/23/05!]) the recently started Werewolf LARP called Spiders over Broadway. There are sites for Kings Rage, Spiders on my links page.
I am also looking forward to games using the much darker World of Darknes 2.0 rules. You can find White Wolf Characters I have and am playing HERE

Table Top Wargaming
Another of my Hobbies is miniature wargaming.. I play games produced by Games WorkshopTM and Privateer PressTM
Currently i have a Warhammer 40k Chaos army (about 70% done with the 2500pts) with the beginnings of 2 Space Marine, A Necron and A Tau army also. For Warhammer Fantasy i have a Chaos Mortals army and a Lizardman Warband (potential second full army). I have 2 Factions for Warmachine also a Khador and a Menoth force both of which are in the works.
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