Jason Dragos

Camarilla Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 0/16(current/overall)

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: 11

Blood: 12 oooooooooooo

Morality Path: Humanity

Morality Traits: 3 ooo

Self-Control/Instinct: 3 ooo


Assigned Narrator: Ryan

Starting Date: May 13, 2000

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Loner

Title: Whip-Apprentice of the First Circle

Willpower: 4 oooo

Conscience/Conviction: 2 oo

Courage: 3 ooo

10 Physical Traits:

Brawny x 3

Brutal x 3


Rugged x 2

Tough x 2

0 Negative Physical Traits:


6 Social Traits:

Commanding x 2

Intimidating x 3


2 Negative Social Traits:



6 Mental Traits:


Disciplined x 2

Patient x 3

1 Negative Mental Traits:


11 Abilities:

Brawl x3

Intimidation x2

Melee x3 (Swords)


Occult x2

1 Influences:


5 Backgrounds:

Generation x 2

Influences x 1

Resources x 2

Retainer x1

Health Levels:

Healthy x3

Bruised x3

Wounded x2



Status: 1

Acknowledged (In The Domain of Westchester By Prince Adrian Beauvieux)

Blood Bonds:



Julian Armitage

Beast/Path Traits:




Calm Heart

Huge Size



Dark Secret (Brother is Glasswalker)

Eerie Presence

Touch Of Frost

Prey Exclusion (animals)



Rite of Introduction

Deflection of Wooden Doom

Pavis of Foul Presence

Rite Of The Invisible Flame

Rite of Sword of Flame


Auspex : Heightened Senses, Aura Perception

Dominate : Command

Thaumaturgy 5

Thaumaturgy Path : Lure Of Flames

     Hand of Flame

     Flame Bolt

     Wall of Flame



Background Info: Jason has a fairly unusual history. He grew up in Syracuse, NY with his older brother Michael. He is 5 years younger than Mike and was being taught the trade of Bodyguarding by him at the time of his embrace. He had a fairly rough transition since on top of the stressful act of being embraced, he saw Michael's first change into a werewolf. (yes Michael is a Garou).. this sent him slightly over the edge into Lunacy. He also was abandoned by his sire (who is unknown) when he was determined to not posess the Tremere desire for the Occult... He moved to White Plains recently and encountered Michael who was working as a Bodyguard to a local Lawyer. Michael let him live this time but gave the inclination that next time it will be different..On May 13,2000 Jason presented himself to the prince of Westchester and joined the local Tremere. He has finally accepted the abilities inherent to the tremere's blood magic and has been working on learning Thaumaturgical abilities that can enhance his physical fighting abilities. ... He has since arriving also accepted the position of Whip, albeit reluctantly, since there was no one else willing or worthy to take the position and is ready to step down when someone more worthy arrives... unbeknownst to the Tremere is the fact that Jason is not able to be blood bound. A secret that he has hidden well so far (he follows the prince's orders willingly and draws little attention to himself).. this along with the fact that he is a Kindred Kinfolk will assure his final death should these facts become public knowledge.



Greatsword (4 Bonus traits, Neg Heavy,Clumsy,Slow , Damage: 2 L + 1L Massive Damage)