Jason "Heals-The-Soul" Kondor

Child of Gaia Garou

Player: Jeff


Experience: 0/36

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Auspice Theurge

Breed: Homid

Rank: 3 Adren

Rage: 3 ooo

Gnosis: 5 ooooo

Willpower: 4 oooo

Status: Active

Assigned Narrator: Nick.

Starting Date: June 19, 2004

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Follower

Title: Talen Keeper

9 Physical Traits:

Brawny x 2

Brutal x 2


Quick x 2

Rugged x 2


1 Negative Physical Traits:


10 Social Traits:

Charismatic x 2 (1 from tribe)

Charming x 2 (1 from tribe)

Expressive x2 (1 from totem)

Genial x 2

Ingratiating x 2


1 Negative Social Traits:


9 Mental Traits:

Alert x 2

Attentive x 2

Knowledgeable x 3

Observant x 2

3 Negative Mental Traits:




21 Abilities:

Brawl x2




Iskaku x3


Lore : Spirit x3

Lore : Umbra x3

Meditation x2

Medicine x 2

Rituals x2

0 Influences: 


5 Backgrounds:

Ancestors x 2

Pure Breed x 2 (Black Fury)

Rites x 1

Totem x2

Health Levels:

Healthy x2

Bruised x3

Wounded x2


Mortally Wounded



2.0 Honor:



2.6 Glory:



8.3 Wisdom

Inspired x2




Spiritual x2



Friendly Face (1)

Natural Channel (3)



Forced Transformation (3) to Crinos in socially stressful situations

Derangement (0) Phobia - People manipulating me will make me kill innocent humans

Soft Hearted (1)

Weak Veil (0) <tribal disadvantage>


Accord: Rite Of Cleansing

Mystic: Rite of Binding

Mystic: Rite of Summoning


Homid : Master of Fire

Theurge : Command Spirit

Theurge : Sense Wyrm

Theurge : Spirit Speech

Child of Gaia : Mother's Touch

Child of Gaia : Grandmother's Touch

Background Info:

Jason sat in his room trying, in vain, to remember his past. Oh he remembers everything since his first change well enough, but the events of and before this milestone in his life are lost to him. His name, his Homid name, is only something from a driver's license and seems alien to him. He rarely thinks of himself as Jason Kondor anymore.. it is only something necessary for the Homid world. He is Heals-The-Soul now. A member of the tribe Child of Gaia, well they accept him as theirs but he was born into his mother's tribe, the Black Furies who rejected him solely on the point of him being male. They're just as mental as the Get of Fenris he thinks wryly, those who rejected him as being weak for not being a warmonger and having been born tainted by Fury blood. Screw 'em.. he's found acceptance with the Children, and discovered his affinity with spirits which lead him to look up the moon he was born under.. Theurge. Since then he has spent what time he's had to himself (when not learning of his Garou heritage or preparing and completing his rite of passage) studying medicine, spirits and the world the exits in, the Umbra. He has a strong dislike of being in charge.. a state made worse due to his uncontrolled change to Crinos when socially stressed. From time to time he finds himself discovering abilities he didn't know he had... once he locked himself out of his car and he just knew how to pick the lock, he also seems to be a bit more familiar with fighting than he remembers being. All this leads him do believe his life before the change as being one that drove him to larceny and self defense... he is disgusted by it since this conflicts greatly with his current caring personality. In a way he is glad to be spared the details of his childhood. And so that brings us to Jason sitting in his room again no longer interested in his past just like all the other times he tries to break past the Amnesia.

A few moments pass and his Aunt Cleanses-The-Sky stands in the open doorway knocking gently on the frame. “Jason dear you should get some sleep.. you have a long day and a long trip tomorrow” “Why?.. Why do I have to leave all I've come to know and love again to go help some strange Sept in NY???” cries Jason in anger that quickly turns to tears. “Because Gaia needs you there. Is there any other reason better than Her will, Her need? We've been through this” She holds him comfortingly in her arms. “You agreed to go.” Jason composes himself slightly “But I won't know anyone there. I hear that Sept hasn't even had a Child of Gaia there since Lily died!” Cleanses kisses him gently on the forehead. “You'll do fine. Just be your normal caring, helpful self and you'll find companions.. Pack mates even. It's past due for you to join a pack anyway and there's unfortunately no place in the packs here.” Jason wipes his eyes and defiantly looks at Cleanses-The-Sky, “Fine I'll go but if everyone there doesn't want me I'm coming back!” Cleanses gives him a knowing nod saying “That's fine.. just make sure to give them a fair chance before start pretending you were born a Philodox, my little Theurge.” and with that he fell asleep to leave in the morning for White Plains.



Staff <D>

Backpack <D>

Clothing <D>

Fang of Fenris<Attuned>

Box of Talens (bp)

Moon Glow x7

Moon Sign x7

Nightshade x0

Plantain Leaves x2

Bane Arrows x7

<D> = Dedicated, (bp) = in backpack



Iskaku Moves

Sweep - Static vs 7phys. Ties compare Iskaku vs Athletics. Success = knock opponent on back

Disarm - Dislocate one hans (1b) on successful strike

Face Attack - 1/combat (2b)

Mark of Fenris on shoulder