Michael Dragos

Glasswalker Werewolf

Player: Jeff


Experience: 0/40

Tribe: Glasswalker

Auspice Philodox

Breed: Homid

Rank: 1 Cliath

Rage: 5 ooooo

Gnosis: 3 ooo

Status: Active

Assigned Narrator: Mike P.

Starting Date: June 2, 2000

Nature: Lone Wolf

Demeanor: Judge


Willpower: 3 ooo

12 Physical Traits:

Brawny x 4

Brutal x 2

Dexterous x 2

Dodge x 2






0 Negative Physical Traits:


9 Social Traits:

Commanding x 2


Intimidating x 3

Expressive x2


2 Negative Social Traits:



8 Mental Traits:

Attentive x 2


Dedicated x 2

Disciplined x 2


1 Negative Mental Traits:


22 Abilities:

Brawl x 2

Computer x 5 (Hacking)

Dodge x 2

Firearms x2





Meele x2

Security x4



13 Influences: 

Legal x 3

Industry x 1

Occult x 3

Police x 3

Underworld x 3

6 Backgrounds:

Resources x 3

Rites x 3

Health Levels:

Healthy x2

Bruised x3

Wounded x2


Mortally Wounded



3 Honor:




0 Glory:


0 Wisdom



Glasswalkers : Weaver's Children


Glasswalkers : Weaver Affinity

Dark Secret (Brother is Tremere)

Intolerance (Weakness In Others)

Strict Carnivore

Forced Transformation (To Homid in presence of Kindred)


Rite Of Talisman Dedication

Rite Of Cleansing

Rite of Binding


Ahroun : Razor Claws

Glasswalkers : Cybersenses

Glasswalkers : Trick Shot

Homid : Jam Technology

Theurge : Sense Wyrm

Philodox : Truth of Gaia

Background Info: Michael grew up a normal child in Tarrytown, NY. he excelled in sports and (vaguely surprisingly in Law) He chose to pursue a career in Bodyguarding. While studying for this he got jobs as bouncer in the local night clubs. He got his first bodyguard job at 21 (barely old enough by his client's standards) and proved himself to be quite compitent at it. When his younger brother was old enough and expressed an interest in the Trade he started teaching him. Michael's First Change was doubly traumatic because it occured after witnessing his brother being embraced by a Tremere (his brother was quite into occult followings at the time). The Tremere ran off with Michael's Younger brother and was never seen again (although he has had recent contact with him). Michael's affinity to the Weaver caused him to have a very difficult adjustment period but eventually he balanced his connection to the Weaver with his duty to Gaia. His background as a bodyguard left him with quite an "arsenal" of influential contacts in the Law Community as well as Police and the Underworld Scene. His hunt for his brother's killer (whom he didn't understand was embraced) garnered him an equally impressive group of Occult contacts. 5 Years after his brother's "murder" he ran into him. This shocked him completely and confused him to such an extent that he has trouble controlling his forms around Kindred (reverting to Homid at first sign of them) He granted his brother his life due to how close they were growing up but warned that if he crossed him his life was forfeit. 2 years later at the begining of June 2000 Michael , now 30, is draw misteriously to White Plains by a strange urgent feeling. After a confusing year following the Caern Building (the reason he was drawn here) and employment by Steele Lagrange, the local Glasswalker elder who is still reluctant to deal with the newly formed sept, Michael left in August. He gave no real reason except that it was necessary and couldn't wait.

Now it's June and Michael has returned from his "trip". He still won't say why he was gone for almost a year but any who knew him well enough took note that he spent the entire first night (besides time with humans and combat) in Lupus form.. this was very unusual for him since he'd never shifted past Crinos even when it was explained that this would separate him from Gaia and bring Harano upon him.

A month later and Michael has had Steele perform the Rite of Renounciation upon him making him a Philodox and reducing him to the Rank of Cliath. He's also very opposed to dealing with most members of the Sept of Gaia's Hope barring the other Glasswalkers (of whom none are official members, and the Black Furies who all seem to tolerate him despite being a Man).

On top of all this a past aquantence of his, Karl ?, showed up seeking refuge from a quickly rising drug dealer. On Thomas' request Michael brought Karl over to the Caern to clear up a letter Michael sent the Sept. Upon stepping foot on the Bawn Michael,Karl, and 3 other new Garou were forced into the Umbra and were assaulted by Pattern Spiders... Karl, it turned out, was Garou and experienced his first change after another Garou went Hispo next to him and Michael decided it was necessary to go Crinos. When the battle was under control (after 8 pattern spiders left instead of attacking Michael) he brought Karl under control and started the tedious teaching and explaining what Karl really was and what was going on. Later at a sort-of de-briefing when the new Sept alpha, Willis Orchard, told all the new Cubs to report to Ralph, the current Den-Father, for teaching Karl refused saying he was sticking with Michael.



Palm Pilot (w/ infuence contacts) (bp)

1 Bowie Knife (2 Bonus, Neg:Short, 1L) (belt)<D>

Beeper (From Steele) (bp)

Cell Phone (From Steele - Has Direct Phone Number) (bp)

Citibank Card (From Steele) $81,000 (money belt)

$3,000 Cash (money belt)

Security Badge for Steele's Buildings (on clothes)

Over & Under Assault Rifle w/supressor and laser sight (concealed compartment in blazer)

Desert Eagle w/silencer and laser sight (bp)

Pepperspray (bp)

Umbral Cel Phone (bp)

Small Crystal Ball (desk in office when there, wall safe when not)

Backpack <D>

<D> = Dedicated, (bp) = in backpack


1994 Chevy Blazer - security 3 compartment in rear with above items. High end stereo system w/ subwoofer (for blasting nasty obf vampires :) )