Under the Rock

Torstyr "Tor" Bjørnsson


Independent Vampire

Player: Jeff

Experience: 0/106(current/overall)

Clan: Country Gangrel Antitribu

Sect: Independent

Generation: 11

Blood: 11 ooooooooooo

Morality Path: Feral Heart

Morality Traits: 4 oooo

Instinct: 4 oooo

Status: Active

Assigned Narrator:

Starting Date: July 13, 2002

Nature: Drunk Uncle

Demeanor: Caregiver



Willpower: 5 ooooo

Conviction: 4 oooo

Courage: 4 oooo

11 Physical Traits:





Rugged x 3

Tough x 2

Tireless x 2

0 Negative Physical Traits:

11 Social Traits:


Commanding x 3


Intimidating x 3

Threatening x 3

7 Negative Social Traits:

Bestial x 3

Feral x 2



11 Mental Traits:

Attentive x 2






Observant x3


3 Negative Mental Traits:




28 Abilities:


Animal Ken x3 (One from Clan


Brawl x 2



Hunting x2


Investigaion x 2

Law (Old Norse)

Linguistics (Old Norse)

Lore: Anarch

Melee x2

Repair x 2




Subterfuge x 2

Survival x2 (1 from Clan)

Theology (Old Norse)

0 Influences:

Street x 1

2 Backgrounds:

Generation x 2 (2 from Diablerie)

Resources x 2

Blood Bonds/Vinculum:

Grendel x 1

Johnny Gangrel x 1

Cardinal Polonia x 1

Raziel x 1

Status: 2





Health Levels:

Healthy x3

Bruised x3

Wounded x2









Thirst For Innocence

Prey Exclusion (Arian Looking People)


Beast/Path Traits:

Cat Tail

Bear Paws



Reptilian Eye




Animalism : Feral Whispers, Beaconing

Celerity : Alacrity, Swiftness, Rapidity, Legerity

Einherjar : Bear's Skin

Fortitude : Endurance, Mettle, Resilience, Resistance, Aegis

Obfuscate : Cloak of Shadows, Unseen Presence

Protean : Eyes of the Beast, Feral Claws, Earth Meld, Shape of the Beast


Teachers : Celerity - Raziel, Obfuscate - Solomon


Ever since I could remember I’ve been different than everyone else. At first it was just small things that I quickly learned to avoid. My name, Torstyr Bjørnsson, is one of them. At first I made the error of using my full first name in school and other places. When asked I hastily began replying that my name was Tor not Torstyr. My parents understood at least, even though they have always thought this was disrespectful to our ancestors. Other things that set me apart were the fact that I was raised as a Wiccan and with solid instruction in my Norse lineage. I was popular in school I guess, I’d say not, but the other kids liked me.. probably for my proficiency in sports. Not to brag but I’ve always been a natural at most sports. I’m strong and can bear quite a thrashing. The only problem was that I was always a crude uncaring bastard. My father instilled in me a sense of being superior than they were due to my heritage. It was a fairly good life I had until the day after my graduation from High School. My father and I went on a camping trip together to celebrate. It started fine, he's trained me well in surviving away from the city, but it rapidly grew disastrous. They came out of nowhere, we thought they were wolves, some were but others were mountain lions. This was weird since they are mortal enemies. Well if they were mortal they would be, and if they were wild creatures they would kill each other. Not so. They killed my father in front of me, claiming him to not be worthy of the “gift”. I was not accommodated such an easy way out of the incident. I was taken to a cave deeper into the woods than i've ever been. There the shape-changing creatures kept me for 3 days. They slept by day and each night they tested me. I can't remember most of what they did to me but it was torturous and beyond cruel. On the fourth night they took me and one turned me, “the embrace” they called it, released something horrible from the back of my mind is more like it. They told me I was a Gangrel and a Kindred or vampire. I was informed of all the things to watch out for from humans and “others”. Sunlight, Fire, Stakes (they paralyze us not kill), and decapitation. They told me that garlic, running water, silver and most people wielding crosses have no effect on us. They mentioned rare cases but said it was very very unlikely. They told me about the Sects. The Sabbat (raving religious fanatics preaching freedom), The Camarilla (Pretentious fools more worried about power and watching their back-stabbing “allies”), The Anarchs (deluded assholes who claim both the Camarilla and the Sabbat are wrong and should be wiped out), and “Our” type, the Independents who would rather deal with un-life in their own way and be left out of the wars. I stayed two more days while they taught me about the abilities I would be manifesting, Supernatural resistance to damage and pain, the ability to take on features of animals to enhance my fighting and hunting, and the ability to talk to animals. They also explained how to feed off mortals without killing them. During those five days after my change i felt like I lost my ties to humanity, giving into more feral, bestial sensibilities. I then returned to my home where I found my mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown over my father and I dissapearing. She calmed down a bit when she saw me, until she noticed the lack of my father. It was a hard thing to do to tell her that he was dead. Over the past year I've learned how to enhance my vision, create claws that inflict a lot of damage, how to ignore wounds that would have most people writhing in pain. Also quite to my surprise I realized that with a small amount of effort I can speak to animals. This was very odd at first but a great way to find out what goes on during the day. 3 months ago I packed up my small amount of personal belongings and moved to manhattan with the intent of joining the sabbat. I was discovered by the people i was looking for and went through their creation rites after 6 months of proving my loyalty and worth to the sect. Recently my entire pack was taken down and it was recommended that i locate the main Sabbat group and talk with the Archbishop and Dominion there. I have just recently learned about their next meeting place and plan to join them there. May the Sword of Cain stay sharp and may we all succeed against the deluded, mind controlled Camarilla!!


Haven Description:






2 Desert Eagles